Friday, July 14, 2006

WTF Is Goin On?!?!

Another beautiful job by the Israelis...
.... says:
ok i'm in lebanon
i'm stuck
theres noway out
i need to know if i have the same rights as a citizen being a resident
u know
like embassy rights
being taken care of by the american embassy
PLEASE tell me..

Soul Rebel... says: sorry

.... says:
no..ur sorry what?

Soul Rebel... says:
you dont have any rights as a us citizen
fucking bastards

.... says:
so we dont get help from the embassy or anything..?/

Soul Rebel... says:
no...the only people who can help you are the country you are a citizen of
how are you doing overthere?

.... says:
i'm sorry

Soul Rebel... says:
there are organizations which help...but they only really set up refugee camps
the un, the red cross etc
your best bet is to try to leave into syria
and try to catch a flight somewhere
is there anyway you can try to get into syria?

.... says:
roads are all blocked
plus its just me and my mum
my mums family name is hott in syria
and so is mine apparently
we'll get shit bcz we're lebanese asking syria for help after we kicked them out

Soul Rebel... says:
have you tried contacting the american embassy...are they closed?

.... says:
i dialed the emergency numbers, theyre wrong
and since we dont have the same rights
then whats the point?

Soul Rebel... says:
im sorry that there isnt anything i can do...
not that that helps or means anything at this point

Saturday, April 29, 2006

On All Fours

I apologize for a lack of updates on my blog recently. I have been very busy and active in a few things, which I will share when it is time. A lot of major projects are about to come into fruition, and my time and energy has been focused on that....

In the meantime please accept this as an update courtesy of Pe@ce:

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. Help Desk Technician for Apple Computers
2. Recruiter for New York Life Insurance
3. Rally Organizer
4. Sandwich Maker (I've had former customer come up to me and say they no longer go to Blimpies because no one makes a sandwich as good as me...hmmmm, I'll take that as a compliment)

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. Half Baked
2. Run Lola Run
3. The Corporation
4. City of God

Four places you have lived:
1. Oman
2. Colorado
3. Maryland
4. There is no 4th...just three places

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. The Daily Show
2. Carnivale
3. The Shield
4. Project Runway

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. England
2. The Netherlands
3. Egypt
4. Italy

Four web sites I visit daily:
1. Fark
2. OmanForum
3. Google/Gmail
4. Hotmail

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Fried Chicken
2. Chicken Tenders
3. BBQ Buffalo Wings (They have to be battered, deep fried, and then baked in the sauce...not everyone can make good wings)
4. Kubbideh

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Cuba
2. Amsterdam
4. Wherever there's an empty beach, papers, blunts, green, a grill and chill people.

"the chef who's probably leading a peace for weed demo somewhere in Boston"
--Thank you Pe@ce :D

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Witnessing: Eating Corpses on Christian TV

I am something of a religion freak. Notice I used religion and not religious. Since I was a little kid I have always been interested in religion and faith based systems. I love reading up on various religious groups (especially ones that people consider cults) as well as the more mainstream religions. I started doing this to understand where different people come from in terms of their value systems, but also to make sense of my world, my self and my own spirtuality...

I take elements from various religions that I like and incorporate them into my own life. I then also examine elements I don't like and see how they manifest themselves in our daily lives regardless of faith.

I say all that to say this...I watch a lot of religious programming. Since I was a little kid I've watched the 700 Club and TBN. I love watching public access when various religious groups present programming. When I was in the M.E. I watched a lot of Islamic religous programming. I find them entertaining and informative. More entertaining than informative...

So last night I was watching this program called "Travel the Road" for the first time on TBN. It's about these Christian missionaries who travel the world and witness. For those who may not know, witnessing is the act of proclaiming your faith to strangers, so that they may wish to convert...

I love watching witnessing, I love watching peoples reactions when they are being witnessed to. Kirk Cameron has a hillarious show on TBN where him and some other guy witness. The reactions are priceless...

Anyway I digress...

So here I am watching TBN right...It's a Christian station, which is good family entertainment. Here are these people, Tim and Will, walking around the mountains with skulls all over the place...I kid you not! Skulls and bones. So I'm like...oh crap this is going to be serious...nothing prepared me from what I was going to see next.

Remember, this is a Christian tv station. This is family entertainment. The people who watch this claim that there is too much sex and violence on tv right:

I saw vultures eat a corpse!

I'm not joking y'all...I saw vultures rip through a corpse...on TBN!

Ok, so now that the initial shock was out of the way I do need to explain what was going on. I witnessed a "Sky Burial" in Tibet. It all makes sense when you think about it. Space is at a premium in Tibet, much of the ground is frozen, so it's extremely difficult to bury, and firewood is extremely expensive so creamation is reserved for monks. At once I recognized the brilliance of what they were doing.

Tibetan Buddhists believe that the soul leaves the body upon death. In essence the soul was only borrowing the body. After the soul leaves the body, well the body is useless, it is mearly flesh. Feeding corpses back to the vultures is a way of getting rid of that flesh, when more "traditional" methods won't work.

I don't see any reason to pass judgement. Of course the good people at Travel the Road did. They gave the impression that this was a most ungodly thing that the Tibetans were doing. Now, to be honest, how is it less ungodly, less barbaric to bury someone in the ground so they can be consumed by maggots, worms and beatles?

But hey...
*shrugs shoulders*
who am I to speak...

So I went to their website to see what some of the viewers had to say about the program. I found some of the comments interesting:

"Saw the episode last Saturday night. I felt such an oppression that i got physically ill. I actually got sick. That's never happened to me before. I had a question when you were at the sky burial site in Tibet, did you just pray while witnessing this?? Even though I know you are strong in your faith could you feel an opression there? I actually started praying for the entire nation. I hope you guys are doing ok. I'ts so good that you document these films so the world can see what evilness takes place in so many places and the danger you take on. GOD Bless you . Janie Kazor Huntington Beach California THE LORD BE WITH YOU...................."

How is this evil?
How is this oppression?

Why must people be so judgemental?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our Side

Like I have said many times before I do spoken word poetry. I wrote and memorized this a few years back. I wrote it on the anniversary of 9/11, and originally titled it "The Millionth 9/11 Poem You Will Hear Today." It feels like I have performed this a million times and is definetly one of my favorites. I fit right into character like your favorite t-shirt, you have left your impression after wearing it so many times, it feels like it is you, just another layer of skin...

I want to give people a little info about where I am coming from this. As a part of my writing process I write about getting into character. This helps to set the stage for myself as I am performing, and means I don't have to warm up before getting on stage. It also allows the audience a chance to get to know the character of the piece...

It is manic, and that's my intent. The whole time I envisioned myself as that madman that has been locked away and has to get every idea and thought on paper before it is beaten out of him..."Head back blood splattered". Technically the charcter development ends there, and the poem truly "begins"...

It's hard to transcribe a performance piece, and I have always been afraid to do so. It looses something on paper, the fire, the edge, the urgency with which I like to spit.

Its been a crowd favorite, and a personal favorite. I hope y'all are able to enjoy it too...

Chef Raw

Some say you have to be outside to write
That writing is a sensual experience that must be shared in communion with nature
I say writing is a reality
Writing is the essence that my soul breathes to recreate realities and bring forth inconsistencies
Some say that I am angry
That I have a fire that burns that must be quenched

Some say I don't write love poems...

I don't write love poems

I keep my soul locked up and hidden in a box
Much like the room I now reside
My only communication exists with a white Playboy bunny
I followed that rabbit deeper and deeper down into that whole
My room is dark quiet and alone
I have come to enjoy the darkness
I feel at home in the night
The darkness' uncertainity is the dream I now breath
My love exists in that which people forget
The artful forgetfullness that has brought me to be alone
And you are not there...

I sit alone and dream of love poems but you are not there
So I sit in the darkness and wait for your breath of life
But that breath has been silenced
and that breath has been stolen
So I stare in the darkness even longer and give a blank stare of the surrounding silence
and I hear a hummmmmmmmmmm....

Bringing forth incandescent illuminosity
Preaching the last infantile attrocity
Adolescent dreams of power, sex, whores
and now we are nothing but power sexed whores
Because police batons are fallic symbols
and we're being raped to contrition
and this slow mental circumcision has me hold my crotch in fear

But my crotch was never the issue...

And then black
head back blood splattered then black
head back blood splattered
he was black on...

Both sides
We need to discuss both sides
I don't think you quite address both sides equally
Both sides
but both sides
unequal and even
but both sides
equal and even
converge and converse
average American is a Middle Eastern scholar
on both sides
both sides
unequal but both sides

Broadband broadcast the occupied
I am both sides

My heart beats life
911 beats per minute
My heart is beating so fast I can no longer maintain
For the last two years I've been hiding in my safe room
I cover duct tape to protect me from all
Anthrax, nuclear fallout, small pox, dirty bombs, dirty cops, militia members who think the revolution is on, communists, anarchist, drugs
And that dude with the turban at the 7/11
I knew something was wrong with him with his impecible American accent he must have been trained
The way he'd ask me how my day was and how work was going for me
See wait wait wait....
My job was placed on the Top 100 possible targets in my city
I was a target...

Now my heart beats reality
58 beats per minute
58 occupied beats that have been taken from
I placed duct tape all over my living room
Well, what once was my living room
Above ground stalactites of splintered wood
and I can now walk into my neighbors bedroom
See there was a general alert of a terrorist threat in the apartment building across from mine
and my room was the direct route to get to the building on the corner
See it all makes sence
When examined from both sides
of my wall...

I was screaming both sides when they hauled me off to prison
See I need to examine this from both sides
Well the government swears that I was named on a list of possible terrorists on my street
And well, with my name who could blame them
Weren't all the terrorist on 9/11 Muslim
and with nearly billion Muslims in the world that was a pretty big pool to choose from
See they were really trying to protect us by
Destroying civil liberties
Fighting the world
Killing the envrionment
Ending abortion
Minimum mandatory sentencing
The death penalty
Minimum wage
The assembly line

They say in capitalism the biggest weapon is money
So I guess an immigrants wallet is worth 41 bullets
at 10 cents a piece thats $4.10
and with the average minimum wage at $5.15 an hour
I now ask for my pay packet in deaths per minute
Isn't it any wonder that we remain disposable
When its so much cheaper to blow us off
Cause we all must be killed of something
more than my bags at the airport as I was checked to a checkpoint"
I made a mistake
I flew while Arab
I feel blessed to be a part of the fastest growing segment of the US population
Not bounded by religion we harmonized
Driving While Black
Flying While Arab
United as a single amorphis being
We were convicted...

Of Breathing

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Writing as Reality

"Some say you have to be outside to write
that writing is a sensual experience that must be shared in communion with nature
I say writing is a reality
Writing is the essence that my soul breathes to recreate reality
and bring forth inconsistencies
Some say that I am angry
That I have a fire that burns that must be quenched
Some say I don't write love poems
I don't write love poems..."

Often times when you tell people that you like to write poetry or do spoken word, they expect you to have an arsenal of love poems at your disposal.

As if the extent of human emotions, experiences and existance is love. As if love is the most powerful human interaction that we have. I don't believe so. Yes I have experienced love, yes I feel love. It's because of those reasons that I choose to write something else...

Anyone can write a love poem. We have all done a few now and again. It's easy to make bad poetry that deals with love. I don't write about love in the traditional sense. It is my love for humanity, my disappointment in what we have done with our gifts that causes me to write about what I write...

My writing is dark, deep and ephemeral. I like to say that it exists in the eternal. The true measure of love is being able to call out ourselves for our flaws so that we may attempt to fix them. So in a way I do write love poems, just not in the way you would expect them to be written.

Of course in my past relationships this has proven to be an issue. Anytime I am in a relationship with someone, and they find out about my hobby they jump on the chance for me to write something about them. The easy answer would be that you really wouldn't want me to write about you. If you appear in my work, its usually not a good thing.

Of course, people don't like to hear simple answers. People want to hear what they want to hear....

I did attempt to write a love poem here is what I ended up writing (still a work in progress)

"It was the stir of the echoes of a dream
Ghost of a whisper rhythmic mystic nightmare
Scent that lingered on the tip of my tongue
Shivering to the chill of a long forgotten blizzard in cherry blossom spring
I'm not half the man I wish I was when I was...
It was that type of love thing
That first sight fling
that only a glance of those eyes could bring..."
There is still the darkness, the longing, the despair and hoping that things were different. I say writing is a reality...

By Whom?

Faith has been replaced
and the face of the race
is embroiled in rage
explosively engaged
cause we've been played in a wage
By whom?

It's a rate we can't take
psychologically raped
surrounded by fate
when we worship the fake
it's the game that they make
For whom?

When presented the tools
to get them to move
your labeled a fool
speaking reason to truth
cause death is the rule
For you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Journey

13 hours into the given rate of human existence
I no longer choose to speak sense
but rather to create random senseless acts of poetry
I flow to thee in aims to please
While I bestow on those less fortunate
who tried to confront mine in a contived A and B structure
13 seconds past overtime
When the ball dropped and the clock struck zero
I realized I couldn't take what was mine
I should have died 13 years back towing the party line
nothing more than a concubine
A single holographic point in this existing space time.

I transcend time...

As I move between quantum electron states
to be able to quanitfy the qualifications to be your next American Idol
Cause Qualcomm bought the rights to my voice
and my feet belong to Nike
My brain as been put on layaway until I can afford to keep up with university payments

So instead...

I drink the night away
and falsify my surroundings with objects to create a fantasy reality
My drama so deep its worthy of reality tv
and it seems that the revolution is being broadcast to me live
through SMS and AT&T.

So instead....

I celebrate the last of the best part of my activism
burning a J while they listen to Coldplay
I've decided to skip foreplay in lieu of more interesting endeavours
And Ive gotten past that gender bending David Bowie Anarchist rhythm
Cause I've seen the greatest minds of our generation consumed by capitalism's effective madness
And theres no need to deconstruct this melancholy infinite sadness
Just realize that it was the worst minds that planned this
While many of us kneel down to pray like mantis
so many of us get locked up in handcuffs
All hopin that tomorrow will bring us the answers
Instead were all forced to put our hands up
This system is set to dismantle us
and thats the reason they locked up them Panthers.

Cause we are all political prisoners in these United States
and its hard to face the reality of this misappropriated stake
Because we all realize that this land was stolen in the first place
So while the government fronts that this is common place
I give a fuhrer's salute to the founding fathers
Cause fascism exists in this day and this time
and is not necessarily a measure of how democratically inclined
Cause you are
No further then manifest destiny
and it puzzles me to see societies destroyed in the name of Christianity.

But hey...

They taught Germany
and it seems that Israeli society has been taking notes too

So instead....

I lace up my tennis shoes
and prepare
Its only baby steps to correct this

and that is why....

23 hours into the given rate of human existence
I now long to speak sense
and still create random senseless acts of poetry
I flow to thee in aims to plead


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Tagged by bu7sain

Ukh...I have been tagged by the great bu7sain, how could I deny such a request? Easy! But alas I will fulfill regardless in return for those minutes of entertainment...

~ Seven things to do before I die: (or at least try) [in no particular order]
  1. Finish a cd of spoken word complete with music.
  2. Go into business for myself.
  3. Retire early
  4. Complete a successful community-based organized campaign
  5. Eradicate all personal debt and pay for everything in cash (this includes houses and cars)
  6. Live on the coast, where everything is laid back and the water is crystal (and is not the United States)
  7. Organize a block party that is used as a fundraiser with artists that you have heard of (we always get so close, but things just don't work out in the end.)

~ Seven things I can't do:
  1. Whistle
  2. Bake banana bread (it's really the only thing that I can't make)
  3. Want a Bentley, but if you have one I'll gladly go for a ride :D
  4. Eat anything with an exo-skeleton (they look too much like insects.)
  5. Be entertained by NASCAR
  6. Remember to bring my ID
  7. Not listen to music (no matter how hard I try I have to!)

~ Seven things I always say:
  1. For real?/For the reals?
  2. Hopefully (consider it the secular inshallah, business people don't like it when you tell them hopefully though...hehe)
  3. Probably/Basically
  4. mhmm/right
  5. Unacceptable!
  6. That's disgusting/ridiculous
  7. What the fuck/Bullshit (used interchangeably)

~ Seven books I loved:
  1. 1984
  2. Green Eggs and Ham
  3. Middlesex
  4. The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
  5. The Discworld Collection
  6. Lord of the Rings
  7. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

~ Seven movies I love watching over and over:
  1. Run Lola Run
  2. City of God
  3. The Corportation
  4. Quick Change (the funniest movie of all time!)
  5. Requiem for a Dream
  6. Ghost World
  7. Night of the Living Dead

~ Seven things I get attracted to:
  1. Social justice movements
  2. People who radiate warmth
  3. The smell of good food
  4. A good beat
  5. The smell of the sticky icky
  6. Sunny weather
  7. Intelligence

~ Seven people I wanna tag:
No one, the buck stops here