Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Unblock Writers Block

"It was the stir of the echoes of a dream
Ghost of a whisper rhythmic mystic nightmare
Scent that lingered on the tip of my tongue
Shivering to the chill of a long forgotten blizzard in cherry blossom spring
I'm not half the man I wish I was when I was...."

"I've not been inclined to write
Insight brought me past the point of recite
So I guess Ive left things to bottle up inside
Sometimes its too hard to rhyme
When the words are too heavy to cross that line
I'm confined sometimes
In a prism where I see light refract but cant express it
But I unwind most times
Living my life to the fullest extent of every second...."

Writers block sucks.

I havent been able to write anything for the last few months and it is starting to piss me off. In the past I have found solace in writing about my block. The process of forcing rhyme and rhythm about some kind of subject usually triggers a flurry of insight into something...

Not this time.

So I am stuck with a massive collection of unfinished poems, rhymes that don't rhyme with anything meaningful, and about three personas that are itching to express themselves, but can't find the words to do so. Chef, Soul and Rygo are slowly trying to break through the wall that left sided R.A.G. has put up. Can't we all just get along? Does this mean I have multiple personality disorder....hmmm...maybe I can register for SSI :)

Try explaining that one to a psychologist...hehehe

In other news...

This past Sunday I was at the Caribbean festival handing out flyers for a spoken word fundraiser for Eddie Conway (see flyer above). I ran into a guy who insisted that I spit for him. After I was done he took my phone number and asked me if I would do an interlude for him on his next album. I told him I definitely would be interested. We'll see how this all pans out. This will mark the third time that I have been approached by someone in the recording industry to rhyme for them...

The first time was in Oman, some manager/DJ from Dubai heard me rhyme and wanted to sign me up. Too bad he was a narc, too bad he tried to bust some people, too bad he's in jail now...we'll maybe not too bad...Karma sucks doesnt it...Strike 1

I was at a spoken word event, and some socialist guy said that he wants to record me. He is also a spoken word artist, albeit from an older generation. He told me that he would record me in November, it is now July...Strike 2

Beneath my shy quiet exterior lies an attention whore of a performer addicted to the spotlight and gratification of applause. Well, sort of but not really. It would be awesome to be recorded somewhere, to be invited to perform, to be paid to do something (even if its a mere pittance.) It would be awesome if I could actually finish something new...

I tell you, sometimes it seems like I ask for too much :)

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I am Batman!

'Batman Begins' is fucking awesome. Left to its own devices, Hollywood destroyed the Batman series. They relied too heavily on big name actors, questionable special effects and horrible scripts. The series in effect became like the cheaply produced Batman tv show, all that was needed to complete this effect were the obligatory "Bam" Pow" and "Zam" (I guess zam is a word...right?)

They have officially rescued the series, and Christian Bale is an awesome Batman. He pulled off what Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and yes my personal favorite Michael Keaton weren't able to do, be both a convincing Bruce Wayne AND Batman. Dare I say, and yes geeks, I know this is an independent storyline from the original, that this is the best of the series. Did someone actually pull off a better version of a movie than Tim Burton?

Tune in next week folks, same Chef blog, same Chef website for more info...

Geeks of the world unite!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Live Ate (8) the Movement

I was watching the live 8 performance today. Felt like a complete idiot, because I had no idea that there was even a live 8 concert. Truth be told I could go on about the futility of a concert to simply raise "awareness" as to dropping the debt of poor nations. Those in power tend not to listen to the populace, no matter how right they are, one needs to look no further than the Iraq war. Anyone who has participated in any action against the World Bank/IMF (the preveyors of world debt), and had to run from advancing police and tear gas can tell you *raises hand* otherwise.

But, I'm not going to hate, the concerts were free, and maybe there will be a few more people enlightened by the efforts of Bob Geldoff, plus it was cool to see a bunch of artists perform for free. How does one follow a concert aimed at ending debt worldwide? The programming geniuses at VH1 had a great idea, "The Fabulous Life of: Nicole Richie." How wonderful that a concert examining poverty globally is followed by the spoiled adopted daughter of Lionel Richie, whose monthly spending habits are more than many nations GDP. Was VH1 trying to be ironic? I wouldn't think so, the spending habits of rich people are the bread and butter of a station that once used to play crappy adult contemporary music, and now is nothing more than a waste land of reality shows, and cheaply produced, mindless, meaningless top 100 shows.

Think I am making this up? What does Nicole Richie's former BFF have to say about the Live 8 performance she attended in London?

"It's such a great cause. It makes you realise how fortunate we are. I want to get more involved in this cause, so I'm going to read all the newspapers while I'm in Athens planning my wedding."
--Paris Hilton, engaged to Billionaire (and 58th richest person in the world) Paris Lastis

Interested in seeing any of the performances that you missed?

Friday, July 08, 2005

The Reawakening

It was almost two years ago when I first attempted to join the blog revolution. Bush was president and they were at war with Iraq. I was trapped in the cultural, political and intellectual vaccum that is UMBC. I was coming into my own political consciousness, and was yearning for something more. This blog was intended to be a way of reaching out somehow, somewhere with someone in this big, wide, semi-disjointed functional community that makes up the world wide web.

Two years later its the same, with a few minor changes. Bush is still president, and they are still at war with Iraq. I am no longer at UMBC, and instead have been doing my own independent study, independent of any academic institution. I have discovered that the only true education comes from living ones life. Within the last two years I have acquired a myriod of skills, ranging from managing a fast food chain, running a liquor store, baking bagels, and technical support for a major computer company. I now have the skills necessary to run and open my own business, bake, and deal with a large precentage of the hostile population of this country.

Above all, the greatest skills that I have acquired comes from political activism. I have met and worked with people who have to live with, on a daily basis, the worst evil that this society can commit. People serving life for crimes they didn't committ. Still strong Panthers who best years were taken away from them for exposing exactly what is wrong in society.

I have come to realize a lot of things in these last two years. I've seen The Roots do a Dr. Pepper commercial, Black Eyed Peas on Best Buy, Common telling me that Coke is/isn't real, and Mos Def rhyming about a Yukon Denali. We are in the era of the Golden Calf, and I fear that it is only a matter of time before we begin wandering the vast lonely desert together.

I have a lot to say, and if you listen close enough you might be able to hear it.

Are you prepared for the journey?