Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy Lyrics

I couldn't find lyrics to Crazy anywhere online, so as a service to the people who bother to read my blog...all 1 of you, I decided to post them. Download the song! Before it becomes a huge hit next year you can always say you were that cool kid that heard it first...

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

I remember when
I remember I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasent about that face
Even your emotions had an echo
and so much space
And when youre out there without a care
Yeah I was out of touch
But it wasnt because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy (x3)

And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice
Thats my only advice
Come on now
Who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You think youre in control

I think youre crazy (x3)
Just like me

My heros had the heart to put their lives out on the limb
And all I remember is thinking I want to be like them
Ever since I was little
Ever since I was little it looked like fun
And its no coincidence I've come
And I can die when Im done

But maybe Im crazy
Maybe youre crazy
Maybe were crazy


At 5:43 AM, Blogger Samyah said...

Is this the one that Alanis just redid? God I love that song, been waiting for its release since the Summer!

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Soul Rebel said...

The song that Alanis covered was originally done by Seal, and is a great song.

Gnarls Barkley's Crazy is an original song. The only way that I could describe it is Hip-Hop Soul.

Definetly the most original sound in Hip-Hop right now...

At 6:27 AM, Blogger illogicist said...

im not such a hip-hop/rap person. Once upon a time I used to be, but then I rejected it. Im starting to listen to selected stuff now, mostly Sage Francis and Immortal Technique. But my taste in music is extremely erratic these days. I used to be strictly metal, now I'm starting to like post-rock and instrumental stuff, like GY!BE.

At 6:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! I had the song but didnt know who it was by but i put a line of song into google and ur site came up :D God it was bugging me lol

At 8:24 AM, Blogger masupa said...

Gnarls Barkley CRAZY lyrics. Thanks sooooooooo much for these lyrics - I have been searching the web for days! This song is the one of the best songs I have heard - gonna be one of my favourites for a long time to come.......

At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Cap'n Sparrow said...

Don't understand why yours is the only site to have these lyrics. The finest track! Good on yer for putting these up. ... Like what masupa said!

At 4:54 PM, Anonymous tmac said...

this song is simply cool. cool as all get out. thank you!


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, man.
I was looking all over the web for these lyrics :)

At 2:25 PM, Anonymous Krys Kinsman said...


I was one of those kids who heard it first

Had a look on google for lyrics... None... I listened to the song a few times and took what I thought was the lyrics down. Looked at yours to check and, well, they're the same!

Kick ass duuude!

At 5:23 PM, Blogger Soul Rebel said...

Glad y'all could find it

At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Kim said...

Ah this song is amazing. I heard it once on the radio, and BBC Radio 1 has adopted it for one of their adverts. I really really wanted to know who it was by, so thanks for inadvertantly helping me out! Oh, and also thank you for the link to download it ^_^

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

omg i heard this song on the radio and couldnt figure out who sang it, thank you sooo much been looking for it for ages!!!! now i can finally download it :D lovin it atm :D

At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Gnarls Barkley - Crazy is just cool best song ive heard in ages now ive got the lyrics its even better.Thanks

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is the greatest song ive ever heard. absolutely perfect! even the lyrics is great! and an extremely original sound... the best song from now on till we´re dead

At 11:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

At 1:14 PM, Blogger connie said...

I love this song. It is the best ever. The radio guys never say who sings it. So I googled the lryics and here it is with the Artist

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Lawok said...

cinea1 I agree with you.

But when there probably are many answers what this song is trying to tell, I think that it's telling about some kind of enlightenment.

"There was something so pleasant about that place, Even your emotions have an echo, In so much space" -here is described the state of the feeling when you get your enlightenment

"And when you're out there without care" -nothing to worry about, he has dedicated his life "for a greater good"

"Yeah, I was out of touch, But it wasn't because I didn't know enough, I just knew too much" -he didn't "need to" keep the contact to people or anything else, he had found his god.

"Does that make me crazy?, Possibly" -has he really found the meaning of life or is he just crazy (it's possibly at the first, not probably?)

"And I hope that you are, Having the time of your life" -he doesn't look anybody down and hopes that everyone could find what he did.

"But think twice, That's my only advice" -he however recommends people to seek out "the truth"

"Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are? Ha ha ha, Bless your soul, You really think you're in control?" -some people thinks that they know something about life and so on, he laughs kindly to those and asks a difficult and deep question

"Well, I think you're crazy, Just like me" -he is more sure about that he is just a crazy just like the other people on the earth, maybe he didn't find "the truth"

"My heroes had the heart, To lose their lives out on a limb, And all I remember, Is thinking, I want to be like them" -he had some "idols" or "heroes" (like some prophets for someone) who had died and dedicated their lives for "the greater good" or "the truth" or for a god

"Ever since I was little, It looked like fun, And it's no coincidence I've come, And I can die when I'm done" -he has now found the meaning of life and what he should do now. When he thinks he is ready, he can die just like his "heroes" did, ready and done. "Everything that has been happened has been happened for a reason"

"But, Maybe I'm crazy, Maybe you're crazy, Maybe we're crazy, probably"

-Maybe (and probably) he is just crazy.

At 11:27 AM, Anonymous 2Da1 said...


agree 100%

That is why i posted the clip and lyrics too on my Blog (http://luminousinspirations.blogspot.com/)

Peace !


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