Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Journey

13 hours into the given rate of human existence
I no longer choose to speak sense
but rather to create random senseless acts of poetry
I flow to thee in aims to please
While I bestow on those less fortunate
who tried to confront mine in a contived A and B structure
13 seconds past overtime
When the ball dropped and the clock struck zero
I realized I couldn't take what was mine
I should have died 13 years back towing the party line
nothing more than a concubine
A single holographic point in this existing space time.

I transcend time...

As I move between quantum electron states
to be able to quanitfy the qualifications to be your next American Idol
Cause Qualcomm bought the rights to my voice
and my feet belong to Nike
My brain as been put on layaway until I can afford to keep up with university payments

So instead...

I drink the night away
and falsify my surroundings with objects to create a fantasy reality
My drama so deep its worthy of reality tv
and it seems that the revolution is being broadcast to me live
through SMS and AT&T.

So instead....

I celebrate the last of the best part of my activism
burning a J while they listen to Coldplay
I've decided to skip foreplay in lieu of more interesting endeavours
And Ive gotten past that gender bending David Bowie Anarchist rhythm
Cause I've seen the greatest minds of our generation consumed by capitalism's effective madness
And theres no need to deconstruct this melancholy infinite sadness
Just realize that it was the worst minds that planned this
While many of us kneel down to pray like mantis
so many of us get locked up in handcuffs
All hopin that tomorrow will bring us the answers
Instead were all forced to put our hands up
This system is set to dismantle us
and thats the reason they locked up them Panthers.

Cause we are all political prisoners in these United States
and its hard to face the reality of this misappropriated stake
Because we all realize that this land was stolen in the first place
So while the government fronts that this is common place
I give a fuhrer's salute to the founding fathers
Cause fascism exists in this day and this time
and is not necessarily a measure of how democratically inclined
Cause you are
No further then manifest destiny
and it puzzles me to see societies destroyed in the name of Christianity.

But hey...

They taught Germany
and it seems that Israeli society has been taking notes too

So instead....

I lace up my tennis shoes
and prepare
Its only baby steps to correct this

and that is why....

23 hours into the given rate of human existence
I now long to speak sense
and still create random senseless acts of poetry
I flow to thee in aims to plead



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