Friday, July 14, 2006

WTF Is Goin On?!?!

Another beautiful job by the Israelis...
.... says:
ok i'm in lebanon
i'm stuck
theres noway out
i need to know if i have the same rights as a citizen being a resident
u know
like embassy rights
being taken care of by the american embassy
PLEASE tell me..

Soul Rebel... says: sorry

.... says:
no..ur sorry what?

Soul Rebel... says:
you dont have any rights as a us citizen
fucking bastards

.... says:
so we dont get help from the embassy or anything..?/

Soul Rebel... says:
no...the only people who can help you are the country you are a citizen of
how are you doing overthere?

.... says:
i'm sorry

Soul Rebel... says:
there are organizations which help...but they only really set up refugee camps
the un, the red cross etc
your best bet is to try to leave into syria
and try to catch a flight somewhere
is there anyway you can try to get into syria?

.... says:
roads are all blocked
plus its just me and my mum
my mums family name is hott in syria
and so is mine apparently
we'll get shit bcz we're lebanese asking syria for help after we kicked them out

Soul Rebel... says:
have you tried contacting the american embassy...are they closed?

.... says:
i dialed the emergency numbers, theyre wrong
and since we dont have the same rights
then whats the point?

Soul Rebel... says:
im sorry that there isnt anything i can do...
not that that helps or means anything at this point


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know I was talking to my mom today, she told me that her sister was in lebanon when they started shelling, and couldn't get out from there.

they tried to go through syria, but the highways are bombed.

apparently they drove all the way to turkey, i don't know how. but now they're back.

but damn this sucks, its like fucking world war 3 is going to start.

-Ali M.

At 7:36 AM, Blogger illogicist said...

A couple of my friends got out of Lebanon, and are telling me all sorts of horrible stuff. One of my closest friends is still trapped there, havent heard from him in a few days.

Its insane.

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